My God stuff thinkings

“Hi, ma. It’s me again!”

“Hi, you again.”

“I’m not you again! I’m Ryan,” he looks cheekily at me, getting the joke.

“But you said you were ‘me again’.”

This time my three year old looks a little befuddled.

“I’m not you! I’m Ryan.”

“Oh, silly me. Hello Ryan. I thought you were me again.”

“It’s alright mama.”

And with that close, he just won another round.

It can be like that with God’s name. For example, when I read that ‘whatever we ask for in His name, it will be given to us’, I have to ask - really? Is He for real? Does that mean whatever?

Most importantly I get confused over the conditional point of His name. If my three year old and I can confuse ourselves over our own titles, because we have an interesting language to specify what form of ‘us’ we mean, we should work to be certain of all that His names may convey.

His name involves a past, present and future – the one who was, and is, and is to come; or how I have rephrased it in my story, He was Told, is being Told, and will be Told forever.

If our ability to be grossly effective for Him is dependent on asking in His name, we had better find out which one, and what that means. For ease of reading I will keep this simple.

When asking for something in His name, we must ask for specifics that will astoundingly advertise Him as the only living and powerful God – requests that are in line with who He was, who He is now, and who He will be regardless of our ability to fathom Him. The conversation from His perspective might go something like this:

“Hi God, it is me again. Could I have …?”

“Hi you. I AM ME. You are you. Don’t ask for things with your ‘me’ in it. Do you want to try again?”

Hiding my head in shame, I glance up like a naughty child. “Hi God, it is YOU again.  You are the only me I want to hear about in this life. Give me everything, including the faith to believe it, that will make my ‘me’ you, and your ‘me’ the only me ever known.”

This is the prayer base that will CONFIRM Jesus’ words as even more miraculous than they sound to our wistful ears.


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08.10 | 03:59

Kylie, I would be delighted to have my name as a side character in your next book. I am telling anyone who will listen that they too must read The Book of Told.

08.10 | 03:42

Thank you SOOO much, Carol, for your encouragement! I would love to use your name as a side character in the prequel! Much blessings to you!

08.10 | 02:43

For the first time in many years I have found a book that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to just continue reading to find out where the story was going.

05.10 | 18:11

so so nice