My God stuff thinkings

There is something special going on in our era. There is a thickness filling the atmosphere. It feels like the sense of coming rain – but I think it is the anticipatory heaviness of the presence of God.

So many people are standing up. Every day it seems, I hear another story of an individual, or group, doing something outstanding for God’s glory! These are exciting and heightening times.

If I live to be 95, can you imagine what marks we will see of God’s vivid influence in our history? Can you imagine the stories that will be formed in our future? He is not far away. He is near to us in so many ways that it is a scary and thrilling, humbling, and terribly exciting time to be a part of.

Look back on our history and remember the incredible stories that we know. They are mind-boggling and awe-inspiring! Think Abraham, think Ruth, think Bonhoeffer, think Louie Giglio! Big Grin

These stories keep us going when our faith seems without sight.

Now look ahead, again.

Before us we have the most exciting time in the history of the world. We have the final chapters ahead!

The finale.

The great closing of the curtains.

The covers—soon to be shut on the book of life!

We know that God will tie up every loose end in His grandest plot of all time. We have inklings of how this will occur, through the clues given in God’s Word. We even have the insight from the mind of God Himself through His Holy Spirit. It will all make sense as the end becomes closer, and the tension builds between the told and the untold inhabitants of our world.

Specifics may elude us because of the magnitude of threads running through God’s story – however, we can rest assured that the ending will be completely satisfying.

If I live to be 95, because Jesus has not returned yet, can you imagine the joy we will have from seeing the past’s stories built on by our own? We will be witness to miracles, just as we are seeing today in the rewritten lives of so many! It makes me wonder what else He may have in store for His great culmination.

How can we outguess the most genius author of all time? I think God has given us a synopsis of the ending in Revelation, and we all know a synopsis cannot possibly showcase an author’s talent with prose – nor let us experience all the satisfying feelings that living within the words will bring us to.

No. The end we can only imagine!!! And as it pans out we will go, yes, yes, YES!

And as we do, our joy will grow!!!!

Our acquiescence to the greatest author of all time will be complete.

Bring on tomorrow!

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08.10 | 03:59

Kylie, I would be delighted to have my name as a side character in your next book. I am telling anyone who will listen that they too must read The Book of Told.

08.10 | 03:42

Thank you SOOO much, Carol, for your encouragement! I would love to use your name as a side character in the prequel! Much blessings to you!

08.10 | 02:43

For the first time in many years I have found a book that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to just continue reading to find out where the story was going.

05.10 | 18:11

so so nice