My God stuff thinkings

Double WOW.

I am sitting on our deck watching the blood moon gain an edge of white again. We have taken the children up to the hilltop closest to our house (where Som's temple would be) to watch the amazing event. Finally they are tucked in bed, and I get to enjoy a moments quiet before sleep myself. It is only 8.45pm.

We talked to the children about the foresight of God, and the majesty He displays in the heavens. We discussed the past blood moons and tried to imagine how those in our ancient history must have felt. They had no knowledge of the system of the skies. It must have been quite terrifying. The unknown is terrifying. God has given us knowledge however.

I have been reading some chapters of the story to my kids as we sit in the dark under the stars. My oldest thinks the moon now looks like the Irim - split in two, pure white on one side and dark on the other. We know from scriptures that God has given the stars and moon to communicate with us (Genesis) His times and seasons, His appointed times.

My husband shone a torch before him as we climbed up the hil an hour ago. It seemed that because the children were desperate to be the first and walk in front of him, they could not see where their feet should step for the shadow their body created. This is the same as with God. I know I have many times gone on ahead of Him, and lost my footing because I suddenly could not see before me. God was shining at my back, and wanted me to get in step with Him on the journey.

This has happened many times with the writing of this story as well. I am not ashamed to admit my mistakes, I am ashamed it took me so long at times to be open to seeing them.

Right now God is moving the earth away from the path to the moon. We are like the earth. We can get in the way and bad things can happen! When we are out of His (the Son's) way, we can see God reflected off others better, and they can see God reflected off us too.

Get in the right alignment with God. Do not eclipse those moons who are reflecting Him, by standing in the path of their light.

I don't know how to describe His awesomeness!!! What another whole rhealm we will be entering. He is taking us home soon. Beam Him to the world!


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08.10 | 03:59

Kylie, I would be delighted to have my name as a side character in your next book. I am telling anyone who will listen that they too must read The Book of Told.

08.10 | 03:42

Thank you SOOO much, Carol, for your encouragement! I would love to use your name as a side character in the prequel! Much blessings to you!

08.10 | 02:43

For the first time in many years I have found a book that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to just continue reading to find out where the story was going.

05.10 | 18:11

so so nice