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Well, my right hand is aching from an accidental bump last night when I had my splint off. Mirror therapy is AMAZING! I am tricking my brain through illusion. My brain regrows new nuerons telling my body that my hand is not sore. The affect is almost immediate pain relief! I have learned that the pain from the CRPS (not the injury site pain) is caused by sympathetic nerves telling me I need to protect that hand even though the injury pain is less than the CRPS pain.

Sympathetic response is similar to how we yawn when we see someone else yawn. I love that God has so much for me to learn here about my fears!

Fears are learned. We have injuries in life that hurt us terribly (sexual abuse, gossip, divorce, death...) but 'emotional/social' Complex Regional Pain Syndrome occurs over time when our brain tries to over-protect. The long-term damage if not addressed and retrained, is permanant loss of function and at times amputation.

Through Jesus we have access to mirror therapy. We place our injury within the box of his life and look into the reflection of a perfect us created in his perfect image. We become healed by seeing the truth of what he reflects. He is perfect and whole and lived our example to follow. Even when is hurts, we can know that the pain is sympathetic only and we don't have to fear it causing more damage. 

Part of me is terrified that my hand will remain this way for the rest of my life. The reflection of my hand seen through the eyes of God tells me that even if the physical injury is permanently damaged, it will only remain so for his glory - in my life as his follower. If he gets more glory by healing it, I would praise him as much. He is in control.

And as I wait to hear about the land for the Pilgrim's Progress...I will do my exercises in front of the mirror with my eyes fixed on his reflection.


So I have not written for a very long time! I am looking at buying 100 acres with my husband to set up the world's first Pilgrim's Progress real life map. I am also struggling with a wirst injury and the strange resulting Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that is hurting me and confusing me. So this blog will be a journey of the events of the next year and how God will be seen at work in these two issues.

I may shift this to Youtube and get my daughters to work on this with me. They will enjoy that! Who knows the future but our King?! I am so grateful to be on this journey of life.

Below I will add the plans of the Pilgrim's Progress, as I see no need to hold them back. It will only happen if God wants it too anyhow as it is too terrifying and big for me to get my head around. Sooo many things rely soley on him shifting mountains, and I don't even know how hard I am meant to push in regards to resource consents and land zoning changes etc to make this even eligible. But God has led me this far.

My hand hurts... gtg.

The plan is to create a world first, authentic, first class Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan - 1678) tourist attraction to cater to the 750,000 and growing visitors to the Peninsula. The place will have tiny period home villages (with thatched roofs) for accommodation, named for example, Vanity Fair, Vain Glory and Morality – and every place on the online maps from the original walk of Christian as he left the City of Destruction and made the dangerous journey to the Celestial City. Each scene will be interactive to walk through, and as with the book both entertaining on the surface and meditative for those who wish.

There will be movie set stone lions and giants, castles and Apollyon, paths of great beauty and refreshment and others that lead through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. A traveller may fall in the Slough of Despond by missing the hidden stepping stones, or forget their key when trapped inside Doubting Castle at the mercy of Giant Despair. House Beautiful would store enough armour for all to try on, and the traps, pits, dangerous by-paths and snaring nets will keep one alert as they navigate the road to the Celestial City and meet the various characters on the way.

49% of New Zealand citizens still claim a link to Christianity as their heritage according to Statistics NZ 2016. Religious tourism is a rapidly increasing niche market, as people explore their origin, morality, meaning and destiny in the growing uncertainties of this age.

Whether a visitor believes, or comes for the intrigue alone of exploring others faith, they will be exposed to the truth of the gospel in an inoffensive and entertaining way. Tourists from China form our top percentage of visitor stays, a country where it is illegal to own a bible or share Christianity. Pilgrim’s Progress has long been espoused as the second most influential book in the world, below the Bible. It is in the top few most translated books, the first English novel ever written and it has never been out of print.

People of all ages, faiths and denominations resonate with the characters and values. Regarded as one of the most significant books ever written in English, the Pilgrim’s Progress boasts a number of movie re-enactments including 1979 version with a young Liam Neeson.

The timeless classic message and unique style contribute to its fascination to millions of fans.

The characters will be sculpted concrete mannequins. Beelzebub’s black castle, Doubting Castle, Giant Grim and his wife will be built from painted industrial polystyrene with framework, or attached to dwelling for staff. Gardens and orchards will need designing and planting. The Valley of the Shadow of Death will be a Halloween-like setting as described below in the outline of the setup. The place will end up looking better than Hobbiton all going to plan.

Through the Christmas period a two-week live actor event from local talent could become a highlight. Christian speakers from all over the world who come to New Zealand would all love visit, and pass on the location amongst churches globally as a holiday destination. The Brethren are locally known as incredible cooks – they might run a small café on site.

Churches could use it as a retreat with a ‘personal growth’ theme. Youth groups might stay for weekend getaways in any of the small villages and add to the atmosphere. Whether occupied or not, the villages will provide a special flashback in time and allow countless hours for visitors to comprehend and immerse themselves in the depths of the journey of Christian’s life.

In just over ten years (2028) it is the 350 celebrations of John Bunyan writing this famous novel which will be a great way to get global advertisement. The controversial nature of any religious attraction will also aid awareness within time. As far as I can research, no one else has created something like this, yet the story is public domain and needs to be presented uniquely to the next generation.

This attraction will be run as a charitable trust and therefore tax exempt so it can pour resources back into our community and furthering the gospel worldwide. This will also avoid any view of material gain. The local employment and buzz to the community if led by the Spirit with all integrity, will be a testament to those shy of ‘Christians’ living in comfort while their unsaved neighbours live in difficulty.

The aim is to work with students from Thames High School. Students can design and build tiny homes as part of their carpentry course work practical experience. Art students could design and create many parts of the set as an alternative to a flat portfolio. Forging these relationships with students will assist the growth of the Youth space at the LAMP. My heart is to assist young people through their difficult transition to adulthood. The LAMP venue will be the headquarters from which funds and assistance will reach out to the community.

If you know that God is telling you to pour out your gifts in any form to supporting this, let me know. We will pull in support from as many Christian denominations as are willing, to unify them in the eyes of our community for God’s glory and others salvation. I know this is really ‘out there’ but I have been pulled into this vision deeper and deeper over the last 2 years and it just keeps growing as something I am meant to do regardless of what might come of it. Stephen and I have committed to knowing our finances and talents are from God and to be used in total to satisfy his only request of us – to share the gospel to all the world and make disciples of men. I am trusting God and handing it back to him over and over, and if it never comes to be, then at least it has been a very pleasurable purpose and strengthening time for me as I have grown to know him more fully.

A map is available.

Pilgrim’s Progress

– from this world to that which is to come…

As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I lighted on a certain place where was a Den, and I lay me down in that place to sleep: and, as I slept, I dreamed a dream. I dreamed, and behold, I saw a man clothed with rags, standing in a certain place, with his face from his own house, a book in his hand, and a great burden upon his back. I looked, and saw him open the book, and read therein; and, as he read, he wept, and trembled; and not being able longer to contain, he brake out with a lamentable cry, saying, “What shall I do?”




Entrance signs: “Pilgrim’s Progress – from this world to that which is to come”

  • Den with sleeping John Bunyan at gate entrance – then you enter his dream.

Prating-Row in City of Destruction

  • Talkative address on sign

Town of Stupidity

  • Mr Fearing 4 degrees northward from City of Destruction

Neighbour obstinate and Pliable talk with Christian who holds book and burden

  • Statues x3
  • Signs back to City of Destruction
  • Village house of Obstinate
  • Secret angel man with invitation
  • Staff x20 called “faith”

Talk of heaven description – where and why are we going on this journey

  • Signs
  • Light from Celestial City and sign
  • Mrs. Druscilla Timorous
  • Mrs. Bat’s-eyes, Mrs. Inconsiderate, Mrs. Light-mind, Mrs. Know-nothing
  • Madam Wanton, Mr. Lechery, Mrs. Filth, Mrs. Love-the-flesh

Pliable fell into Slough of Despond and climbed out next to his house

  • Statue climbing out holding branch
  • Sign to house – or house

Help pulls him out

  • Stepping stones and light before them with staff of faith
  • Leeches and water-snakes and bullfrogs
  • Statue reaching into Slough
  • Marianna, duchess of Stupidity

Carnal Policy upper pond (close to destruction)

  • Village setup
  • Mr Worldly Wiseman
  • Signs

City of Morality side journey 1st gap

  • Mr Legality’s House up steep hill first house up hill – ‘can help take burden’ son called Civility
  • Volcano hill – Mt Sinai and larva and black rock before his house (never gets to house)
  • Evangelist redirecting him
  • “Don’t reject word for counsel of the world”

Beelzebub’s Castle 2nd side gap

  • Gargoyles aiming arrows from parapets
  • Black castle
  • Orchard

Wicket Gate with arrows shot at it from Beelzebub’s Castle.

  • Guardian of the gate is Goodwill
  • Just past castle large wall and gate with small door insert
  • Stone carving over arch “Knock, and it will be opened unto you”
  • Statue attached to wicket gate that he is opening

Gate with arrows

  • Vanity Fair)
  • Pay attention to what is narrow and straight
  • Sound of dog (prints in ground?
  • Bells and trumpets?

Straight and narrow path sign

  • Wide paths that are crooked coming off in many places.
  • Paths up to Graceless and down to spring (

Formalist and Hypocrisy climb wall near top

  • Wall
  • Statues x2

Two bad men

Interpreter’s House top by 3rd opening leading to towns further up

  • House to enter
  • Room of dust Statue of woman sweeping floor
  • Small room of 2 children - Passion and Patience
  • Room with fireplace in wall burning and buckets of water nearby – man sloshed water to it
  • Fire and wall and oil on other side of wall
  • Watering can called Grace
  • Man in cage, eyes looking downwards, and hands folded through cage bars
  • Statue of Interpreter
  • Trembling dreaming man in room

Led to place of stately Palace with golden people walking top

  • Bath in garden
  • Valiant rushes at gate that crowds wanted to enter
  • Large gate and table setup
  • Statues + with barred gate with guards with swords

Walled road on both sides called Salvation

  • Tomb at foot of hill

Drops burden at Cross top

  • Burden seen no more in side tomb as base
  • Large cross
  • Signs – Place of Deliverance

Shining One’s – receives benefits

  • Statues x3 angles handing out rolled parchment
  • Signs
  • Joyful

Formality and Hypocrisy over wall? Or falls here?

  • Stone graves x 4

Simple, Sloth, and Presumptuous asleep (other side of path)

  • Statues x3 hats over heads sleeping, one leaning against tree
  • Chains attached on heels

Wanton woman

  • Statue flicking skirt, with finger beckoning

Way called Destruction (Dark Mountains)

  • Skeletons
  • Dark trees
  • Signs to call you off the right road

Way of Danger (a Large Wood (green maze behind spring?))


  • From Deceit town


  • Well by spring

Road called Difficulty

  • Signs
  • Signs of struggle and despair
  • Arbour he sleeps by
  •  Lush area of beauty and rest

Christian slept and dropped his roll

  • Statue and roll

Vain Glory large area Signs  

  • Village setup

Narrow Gate

  • Gate with alternative path for vehicle thru VG.

The Straight Highway – a place of joy and victorious purpose

  • Flags
  • Encouraging signs

Timorous and Mistrust panic about the Lions

  • Statues x2

Christian mislaid his roll – goes back (Ask, Seek and Knock)

  • Sign

Lions – invisible chains (no teeth or claws)

  • Statues x2
  • Chains on gate pillars

Palace Beautiful – Watchful the Porter encourages him

  • Statue welcoming all in

Discretion, Prudence, Piety, Charity – ladies of the house of rest (refreshments)

  • Statues x4
  • Table of refreshments
  • Seats
  • Encouraging signs

Puts on armour

  • Armoury with armour of different sizes for all to try on

Peach Tree – view of Celestial City

  • Tree with view
  • Sign

Discontent Statue, Shame (less)

Valley of Humiliation (Christian fights Apollyon) – a beautiful lush place with lilies and fruit

  • Statue Apollyon
  • Discontent man FAITHFUL
  • Shame (less)
  • Lush plants with fruit and greenery

No armour on back so knows he must not retreat – uses Word. When I fall, then I shall rise

  • Sign – “watch your back – no armour”

Leaves of the Tree of Life and wine

  • Tree and grapevine? Cups (table set)

Monument with poem

Valley of the Shadow of Death –

  • Two spies
  • Pits, noises, chains, shackles, things hanging from trees, doubts etc., this is the King’s Highway, how do you know that he lived, how do you know that he died, traps, snares, ashes, remains, nets, unsafe ledges, yawning mouth of Hell.
  • Skulls
  • Statues

Blind man falling

  • Statue

Ditch of Error and Quagmire of Moral Failure (over balancing)

  • Signs and statue?

Mouth of Hell (sword not working alone – need all-prayer)

  • Skeletons
  • Cave

Giants caves

  • Caves with hands of giants sleeping at entrance – bones outside

Giant Maul

  • Head on pillar with poem

Faithful meeting

  • Statue

Talkative – “as long is talk is helpful and not just profitable”

  • Statue
  • Space to walk side by side

Evangelist meeting

  • Statue

Gaius Inn

  • Container?

Vanity Fair

  • May pole
  • Village setup – tiny homes including a library, courthouse, bakery, town hall
  • Fair signs with ribbons and flags

Sign to Love-gain (across from orchard) (County Coveting)


Sign to Fair Speech (up track)


Sign to Graceless


Faithful dies

  • Fire pit and stake with sign

Meet Hopeful

  • Statue



River of the Water of Life (Emanuel’s Land)

  • Signs
  • View of gate to Celestial City
  • Fruit trees and vines
  • Lush land of beauty and Springs
  • Shepherds live here
  • Vessel to drink from

Land called Ease

  • Rambling roses
  • Seats
  • Encouraging signs

Hill Lucre

  • Spray painted silver and gold
  • Signs


  • Statue offering you to sit and holding out gold

Lot’s Wife

  • Statue

Signs to Good-Confidence (Great Grace lived here), Sincere (home of Little Faith) and Honesty


A Beautiful Meadow (new orchard)

  • Rambling roses

Folds and Sheepcotes


Bye Path Meadow


Christian and Hopeful erect Pillar

  • Pillar with names

Vain Confidence fell into Pit (Bye way to Hell)

  • Pit

Doubting Castle

  • Castle
  • Giant x2. Giant Despair and Diffidence
  • Statues inside

Mount Error (base of Doubting Castle?)

  • Sign


  • Walnut grove with rambling roses and seats

Mount Clear

  • Signs

Mount Caution

  • Signs

Mount Marvel

  • Signs
  • Seating
  • Man tumbling works. Great grace.

Mount Innocence

  • Signs
  • Man in white. Prejudice and Ill will cast dirt on.

Mount Charity

  • Signs
  • Man who cut garments for poor about him

Assault Lane

  • Sign post
  • Giant Slay-good with Feeble mind. Head cut off and taken to Inn. Body lying still.

Mr Not-Right dead and poem

Good Samaritan

  • Sign to pay for Inn lodgings

Mr Ready-to-halt

  • Halt crutches in hand

Mr Valiant of Dark-Land

  • Fought Wild-head, Inconsiderate and Pragmatik with Jerusalem blade

Mr Telltrue

  • Killed serpent

Deadman’s Lane (Broadway Gate at End)

  • Broad gate
  • Signs
  • Ruins beyond with signs on them (plans, selfish ambitions, self-indulgence, self-identity)

Turnaway and Ignorance

  • Statues x2

Sign (or Lane) to Country of Conceit (maze?)

  • Ruins
  • Signs

Caught in a net (the Flatterer leads Christian and Hopeful out of the Way)

  • Climbing net
  • Statue

An Arbour called the Slothful’s Friend

  • Signs

Enchanted Ground

  • Signs
  • Brier dreary entangling
  • Madam bubble hiding

An Arbour

  • Slothful’s Friend l

Pit to left hand cleaner path


  • Heedless and Too-Bold asleep - Statues

Ignorance meets again

  • Statue

Mr Standfast on his knees

  • Statue

Meet Atheist

  • Statue

Out of Giant Despair’s reach?

  • Sign?


  • Rambling roses
  • Vines fruits
  • Arbour
  • Seats

A Pleasant Land

  • Signs of encouragement
  • Herbs and scented plants and chambers

Black River (River of Death)

  • Burnt charcoal/spray paint

Celestial City

  • Pearly gates
  • Golden stairs, chariots
  • Angels
    • Golden window frames
    • Arch to walk under
    • Bells to ring out

Pools are not unlike denominations - bodies of water cut off from the flowing source that once filled them, sitting to grow stagnant and sometimes bitter. People flock to them for refreshment in times of dryness, seek healing in the waters which a supernatural stirring or movement can gift, or act as a place for opposing parties to sit either side and then get up to fight each other to the death.

Check out all references to 'pool' in the bible.

It is awesome how God's wisdom describes a living, flowing and yet very dividing river of his Spirit to create UNITY in his people. There is nothing like our GOD!! His ways are higher than our own.

Praying for the future plans of our property. Dreamimg of turning it into the Habitation, as a tourist entertainment/education destination - a place of learning how tha brain works and how to form a new habit (like my new book). Complete with five massive GIANTS of fear and interactive things for people of all ages to learn about the God-designed cleverness of our mind. The trees will be filled with fairy lights for the healthy thoughts and the giants will taunt and be terrifying. The conscious will be above ground and the subconscious will be holes in the ground. The place can have accomodation for intensive education/support for teaching CBT techniques from Dr Caroline Leaf's and the Word's perspective. There could be picnic areas by the pond and so many other locations, and we already have the tracks dug for the paths for people to walk and discover all the brain science in 3D. The giants will be the draw factor and all the highschools can send teens to learn basic anti-anxiety and coping mechanisms for the stressors of life, then for those wanting a deeper look, God's story can be introduced and for those staying for retreats, they can be smothered in prayer and sessions from so many God-led people.

Pray with me.

Hershey, my chocolate labrador, had her nose in the door entrance when I was sweeping behind some furniture yesterday. She characteristically lunged for the crust of bread in the pile of dust. I shock my hand at her and told her to go outside. Uncharacteristically, she ignored me and kept trying to get the crust of bread from the pile. Again and again I told her off and tried to shoo her away (she is usually obedient). Finally, she dived in with her brown bulk and grabbed the crust, much to my frustration. I used the broom in my hand on her nose, though I felt it donked her rather roughly. She looked at me in pain and scurried away.

When the children arrived home from school, I heard one call to another to hurry up and feed Hershey! The child on duty for the animals had forgotten her morning job! I felt soooo bad that I had donked her. She was just really hungry!! 


Today, on my run, Hershey stayed behind me most of the way, at my heels instead of dog-dancing on ahead in delight. I thought of how much crime there is in the world, and the hateful anger and selfishness behind so many people's actions. I can guarantee they are all hungry!!!


Jesus calls us to feed - to give out food, to pass on morsels of sustanence, to gift life-giving stuff. To give them the Author of Life itself.

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Kylie, I would be delighted to have my name as a side character in your next book. I am telling anyone who will listen that they too must read The Book of Told.

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Thank you SOOO much, Carol, for your encouragement! I would love to use your name as a side character in the prequel! Much blessings to you!

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For the first time in many years I have found a book that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to just continue reading to find out where the story was going.

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so so nice