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Stone Age

  1. What was the significance of Brew’s challenge to the unknown author?

  2. Does our story have an internal Table of Contents?

  3. What could the feasts represent in our thinking?

  4. What does the Ever-Nurture Tree represent?

  5. Discuss the similar use of the Urim and Thummin in the bible.

  6. In what ways is the author’s name significant? Does it link with God now?

  7. What could the one hundred and twenty six families represent?

  8. What other thoughts can you think of regarding the power of an author over his story?

  9. Has God given us any examples of hindsight throughout our history that help us learn?


Bronze Age

  1. Discuss where you think the story stages might be heading, i.e. Bronze Age: Habitat Level Two—Ankle Deep.

  2. Is there any significance in the home structures of Cipeekit, Som, and Sung Lee?

  3. Who would have etched into stone the history of the last period onto the lowest wall under the Habitat dome?

  4. Who might be ranting in the side room of the Habitat?

  5. Do you think God might put things in place in our lives just when we need it? Like the ladder and rope?

  6. Why is it important that Brew struggled over his entwine plan?

  7. Discuss the concepts from Judd’s leaves, i.e. the stages of development of a child through to adulthood. Do you think an entire race might have to work through similar stages in order to grow heathy?

  8. Discuss Inodia’s healing.

  9. Why is it important that others know we are sinners saved, with real histories and past mistakes, as with Brew and his unknown addiction to the Ever-Nurture leaves?

  10. Discuss the analogy of the daisies.



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Kylie, I would be delighted to have my name as a side character in your next book. I am telling anyone who will listen that they too must read The Book of Told.

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Thank you SOOO much, Carol, for your encouragement! I would love to use your name as a side character in the prequel! Much blessings to you!

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For the first time in many years I have found a book that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to just continue reading to find out where the story was going.

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so so nice